Actionwork in Japan

We started touring workshops to Japan in the late 1990's. Our first show, 'Two Becomes One', toured there in 2001 as part of the Japan Festival Japan2001 and was part-funded by the British Council and the DAIWA Foundation. Since then, Andy Hickson (Director of Actionwork) has trained up hundreds of Japanese people in the Actionwork Creative Method through a 1-year Creative Actionwork Course and through facilitating hundreds of workshops all over Japan. Venues have included Buddhist temples, schools, community centres, arts centres and theatres. In addition, Andy Hickson has had two of his published books translated into Japanese.

Schools or groups in Japan interested in booking us to visit you should contact us via phone or e-mail to discuss options. See below for a few examples of our Japanese projects to date:

  • The show 'Two be One', was a love story that explored issues of bullying and racism
  • The show Silent Scream, a one woman show tackling bullying
  • One-year Certificate course in Actionwork Japan - the course that changed lives
  • Actionwork specialist workshops for Empowerment Kansai
  • Actionwork young people's creative workshops for Empowerment Kansai
  • Books written by Actionwork's Director Andy Hickson available in Japan
  • Activities designed by Actionwork's Director Andy Hickson in Japanese
  • Creative workshops in Japan delivered by Actionwork in 2002


A selection of other international projects:

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