Theatre and Film in Education

  • Anti-Bullying Roadshow

    The 2017 National Anti-Bullying Roadshow is an amazing piece of theatre for anti-bullying week. Creative, innovative, energised, powerful, fun, educational and engaging. Loved by teachers. Loved by students.

    Actionwork is the leading theatre and TIE company dealing with bullying in the UK and is the winner and current holder of the Anti Bullying Flame Award. E-safety, Cyberbullying and Anti-Bullying.

  • Spring/Summer 2017 Creative Arts Schools Tour

    Actionwork are touring schools from 15th May - 21 July 2017 with their creative empowerment workshops that includes dealing with the topics of bullying, racism and sexism. You can find out more by visiting this page. Please Contact us for more details. This amazing series of creative workshops have been described as the ultimate in tha

  • E-Safety Roadshow

    Book the brand new e-safety package for schools, youth groups and community organisations.

    The National E-Safety Roadshow is a powerful show dealing with cyberbullying and staying safe online. Includes Internet Safety Day. Touring the UK 5th Feb - 23rd Feb 2018. Theme: TBA.


Touring theatre productions

Actionwork tours shows and a range of amazing creative productions on a wide range of topics to schools all over the country and abroad.

Recent productions include 33 Skins for Black History Month, Angel High dealing with drug misuse, and 2b1 exploring relationships and identity. Check out this Secondary School show teaser, or this Primary School show teaser for a taste of what we can offer.



In addition to the international anti-bullying roadshow we provide a wide range of theatre-in-education programmes, shows and creative workshops on all kinds of issues and topics such as health, racism, teenage pregnancy, cyberbullying, homophobia, body image, drug misuse, self-harm, empowerment, relationships, friendships, transitions and confidence building. Contact us for more details.


Creative Action

  • Anti Bullying Flame Award

    Actionwork wins prestigious awards for their anti-bullying work.

    Follow the link to find out more about this award and Actionwork innovation.

    Actionwork has also won the ipoweri Award, the Princess Diana Award and the UCSI Award.

  • Reaction, feedback and links

    Reaction to Action: Evaluation and feedback of Actionwork creative programmes.

    Testimonials from schools and other groups

    You can also read an Independant Evaluation of Actionwork undertaken by the University of Plymouth

  • International Creative Projects

    The 2017 International NDP in the Jungle Tour to Asia. SOLD OUT FOR 2017

    The 2017 International Transform With Action Tour to Asia. SOLD OUT FOR 2017

    Actionwork in Japan, Mongolia, Romania, France, Italy, Germany and other parts of the world.

    Please contact us if you would like us to tour to your country.







    Anti Bullying Gameshow

    The brand new and amazing gameshow is an innovative, fun, educational and creative anti-bullying programme for schools and colleges. The Gameshow tours to schools and colleges all over the country and is available throughout the year including anti-bullying week and beyond.

    Students compete against each other with a live school audience on their knowledge and skills of dealing with bullying. Real prizes and loads of fun.



    Film-making with young people

    Actionwork now offers a complete film residency package for schools, youth groups and community organisations.

    We work with students and young people to help them make their own film. Full training and equipment provided. We also help schools and other groups create films for promotion, education and empowerment. Films can be produced in-house or through our sister organisation Bully Box TV