Sexual Harassment

Actionwork® in partnership with schools and reflecting Department for Education advice for schools has developed a range of age-specific creative and interactive workshops that raises awareness of and deals with sexual harassment both online and face-to-face. These creative workshops can be delivered to individual classes or with whole year groups at a time.

The Department of Education in the UK has developed advice and guidelines for schools and colleges for students of ALL ages in assisting them to raise awareness and provide support on sexual harassment and sexual violence. Schools need to provide all the students, as a minimum, with details on what sexual harassment is, how to minimise the risk of it occurring and what to do when it does occur or is alleged to have occurred.

"It is for individual schools and colleges to develop their own policies and procedures. It is important that policies and procedures are developed in line with their legal obligations, including the Human Rights Act 1998 and the Equality Act 2010, especially the Public Sector Equality Duty, and their local multi-agency safeguarding arrangements. It is important that schools and colleges consider how to reflect sexual violence and sexual harassment in their whole school or college approach to safeguarding and in their child protection policy".
(UK Department of Education September 2021).

"We want teachers to be free to address the topics most relevant for their pupils, drawing on good practice and advice from professional organisations". (UK Government Green Paper)

Actionwork® can currently offer schools the following workshops that deal with a raise awareness of sexual harassment:

  • Workshops for Year 5 (Primary Schools)
  • Workshops for Year 6 (Primary Schools)
  • Workshops for Year 7 (Secondary Schools)
  • Workshops for Year 8 (Secondary Schools)
  • Workshops for Year 9 (Secondary Schools)
  • Workshops for Year 10 (Secondary Schools)
  • Workshops for Year 11 (Secondary Schools)
  • As mentiond above, all the workshops are age appropriate and include:

  • Defining and understanding the concept of sexual harassment
  • Consent
  • Strategies for dealing with sexual harassment
  • How to report sexual harassment
  • The law
  • Interactivity
  • Questions, answers and clarifications
  • Additional specific needs of individual schools and age groups
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