Anti-Bullying with Actionwork

Actionwork is the leading theatre and film company dealing with bullying, violence and empowerment and is a member of the Anti Bullying Alliance.

We produced the world's first anti-bullying festival and Britain's first ever national anti-bullying conference for young people. Each year we tour the national anti-bullying roadshow all over the UK and abroad. We produce anti-bullying films, anti-bullying shows, anti-bullying workshops, anti-bullying training and provide a whole host of anti-bullying resources, and activities.

Dealing with Bullying

  • Resources

    Actionwork has a range of anti-bullying resources for sale and free of charge.

    Resource packs, DVDs, games, puppets, and many more.

  • Roadshow

    Anti-Bullying Roadshow is touring schools in Anti Bullying Week 2016.

    Touring all over the UK from 30th October - 30th November 2016.

  • Workshops

    Actionwork can provide you with a range of anti-bullying workshops.

    Cyberbullying, homophobic bullying, teacher training, and peer support.





    Anti Bullying Gameshow

    The brand new and amazing gameshow is an innovative, fun, educational and creative anti-bullying programme for schools and colleges. The Gameshow tours to schools and colleges all over the country and is available throughout the year including anti-bullying week and beyond.

    Students compete against each other with a live school audience on their knowledge and skills of dealing with bullying. Real prizes and loads of fun.

Anti-Bullying Provision

Actionwork can help you creatively explore issues of bullying, violence, empowerment and peace.

Shows, workshops, films, books, resources, conferences, festivals, discussions, training, web sites, support and many other activities to help you effectively deal with bullying in your school, organisation and community..

Actionwork is currently involved in several EU funded anti-bullying projects. The latest project has seen us create a virtual creative arts centre called 'The Arc' inside the Anti-Violence Campus, where we are running free anti-bullying workshops, role-plays and other activities..