Anti-Bullying Film-Making

Actionwork can help you make your own anti-bullying film. Check out our anti-bullying filmmaking options here and our filmmaking residencies here.

Actionwork helps make an anti-bullying film for the Government:
Actionwork have made a variety of anti-bullying films including films for the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF), the Anti-Bullying Alliance (ABA), youth clubs and schools across the country. We have also made several of our own anti-bullying resource dvd's

One example was a film called 'Making The Difference'. A film produced by Actionwork highlighting issues of bullying from a young people's persperctive. This film was made for the DCSF. On the 23rd November 2005 Actionwork Films was hosted by the National Film Theatre in London to Launch the film 'Making The Difference'.

'Making The Difference', directed by Andy Hickson and filmed by the I Power I Crew was produced by Actionwork Films.

This film was made by young people, in particular by 4 members of the I Power I Crew; Ardavan Ahmadi, Ben Sayah, Leah Richards and Zak Chowdhury. These four supported by Louisa Pink, and Andy Hickson, ran action workshops, interviewed and filmed over 1000 students in 18 schools across the country about bullying.

'Making The Difference' is a film made by young people, with young people, for young people, evaluating the DfES regional anti-bullying conferences, and offering suggestions on how to tackle bullying in schools.

All schools are entitled get a free copy of the film on DVD.

In addition to the film, the 'Making The Difference' DVD also contains a 'Resource' section, Anti-Bullying Alliance information, A DCSF Regional Anti-Bullying Conferences history, information on Actionwork programmes and two anti bullying short films.

The 'Making The Difference' DVD is available free from the DfES. To obtain your free copy please write to: Charlotte Sowerbutts or Richard Laskier, Improving Behaviour in Schools Team, Department for Education and Skills, Sanctuary Buildings, Great Smith Street, London SW1P 3BT. Or you can telephone: 0207 273 5635, 0870 000 2288 or, 020 7925 5534, or 0207 925 5896 and ask for either Richard or Charlotte who will help you, or email the DfES team at: - Just ask for your complimentary 'Making The Difference DVD', and one will be sent to you free of charge.

You can also see the film online by visiting Teacher Net.

Much of the music for this film was created by Mohammad Iqbal Behleem. Mohammad creates a wide range of fantastic music for peace, he has also created his own page for the Making The Difference film, you can see it here.

Other anti-bullying films we have made include:

  • Film for the Anti-Bullying Alliance
  • Films for Schools
  • Films for Youth Centres
  • Films for Local Authorities
  • Films for Charities

If you would like us to help you make your own anti-bullying film then please contact us for details.

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