Two Becomes One - an official Japan2001 event

'Two Becomes One' was a show written by Dr Andy Hickson and Kyoko McRae. It was a love story between a Japanese girl and a Phillipino boy and explored issues of bullying and racism. Half of the play was written in English and half of the play was written in Japanese. The play toured to schools in England and Japan and was funded by the British Council, the DAIWA Foundation, Allen and Overy and the Japan Foundation.

  • 2b1 Original Concept - Andy Hickson
  • Written by - Dr Andy Hickson and Kyoko McRae
  • Directed by - Dr Andy Hickson
  • Choreographer - Glenn Dallas
  • Musical Director - Glenn Dallas
  • Composer - Dorian Ford
  • Designer - Cloth of Gold
  • Performed by - Noriko Sakura, Masashi Fujimoto, Zoe Cotty and Jerry Coady
  • Stage Manager - Makiko Honda
  • Assistant Stage Manager - Saori Tajima
  • Writers Assistants - Allison Opaon, Glenn Dallas, Ellia Morgan and Noriko Sakura
  • Produced by Actionwork Tie Tours

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