One-year certificate course in Actionwork®

This innovative part-time course was run over a one-year period involving:

  • 3 x 5-day modules
  • 2 weekend modules
  • Minimum 2-week work placement
  • A written project and an
  • Active presentation

Learning through action involves the active participation by all participants. Methods included: role play, maskwork, sculpting, imagery, drama games, guided imagination and sensory development, and non-verbal techniques such as painting and movement. These methods were not applied in a random ‘recipe book’ approach, but formed a carefully structured methodology which is both age, gender and subject appropriate. However, action methods were applied on this course in such a way as to facilitate ‘democratisation of learning’. Students were encouraged to make their own choices and develop their personal styles of action method work.

23 participants started the course and 20 of these graduated in Osaka December 2004. 3 others graduated in 2005. The course now runs in the UK but it is also possible to book the training as an international module.

The Course was run by Dr Andy Hickson with the interprative help of Rieko Aoki. Allison Opaon, Setsu Hanasaki and Katherine Vernez also ran short modules.

The students were tested to their limits. They had great fun but also did a lot of hard work. Everybody changed, everybody learnt and everybody was challenged. This innovative Course was exciting, vibrant, energised, thought provoking, scary and great fun. What scared the participants the most was the thought of doing a work placement. They had to organise, design, run and evaluate a programme using creative action methods with a group over a period of time. Most said thay could not do it and most were able to do it and do it really well.

Some of the Course Graduates have already been offered work as Actionwork Facilitators and several have started their own Actionwork® groups.

Actionwork® course graduates have also set up the Japan Actionwork® Times newsletter, currently only available in Japanese

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