Warrington Anti Bullying Special Offers

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Complimenting the Wise Up Awards

Anti Bullying Week is soon approaching. Here at Actionwork® we are following up on the Warrington 'Wise Up' Awards by offering Warrington schools a special award-winning anti-bullying creative programmes.

    Each School can get
  • - 2 large anti bullying roadshows (each is different, choice of: one for reception to year 2, one for years 3 and 4 and one for years 5 and 6)
  • - 1 whole school anti-bullying assembly
  • - 5 large anti bullying posters (A3) to display around the schoool
  • - Anti Bullying resource DVD with activities and lesson plans
  • - Lesson Plans
  • - Priority entry in the Actionwork® Anti Bullying Week Competition
  • - Anti Bullying Support for a year after our visit>
  • - Reduced price INSET and Peer Support training packages after our visit
  • - Named as an Anti Bullying Champion School on our website


During our visits to the schools the pupils will watch amazing performances, get to interact and work with professional actors and be given a whole host of ideas and strategies to help build confidence, empathy and social awareness. We will also build on the Wise Up Award outputs of creating a safe environment where children can be free from bullying, especially those who may feel vulnerable or targeted because of a disability, or because they come from a minority ethnic background or because of their sexual orientation or religious beliefs, and Examples of good practice included having school policies on tackling bullying and hate; school assemblies; anti-bullying weeks; buddy benches; celebrations of diversity and building an understanding of equality into the curriculum.

Here is a bit more info about the shows we are currently offering to Primary Schools:

1) The national anti-bullying puppet show for reception, years 1 and 2 which focuses on friendship, how to be a good friend and a little bit about bullying. This show is fun, friendly and exciting. The audience get a chance to perform and interact with the puppets in this lively combination of a show and a workshop.

2) The anti-bullying roadshow for years 3 and 4 has a focus on bullying and touches on friendship and a little bit of e-safety. It includes a puppetry element, does not preach or condescend and is fun, playful, high energy and powerful. It is an excellent educational programme full of surprises and includes music, song, dance, performance, interactivity, a competition, e-safety, strategies, and a whole lot more.

3) The anti-bullying roadshow for years 5 and 6 has a focus on bullying and e-safety does not preach or condescend and is fun, high energy and powerful. It is an excellent educational programme full of surprises and includes music, song, dance, performance, interactivity, a competition, e-safety, cyberbullying strategies, citizenship, positive action and a whole lot more

Actionwork® is a member of the Anti Bullying Alliance and winner of the Anti Bullying Flame Award. We have over 20-years experience working creatively with issues of bullying in schools. Please see here for feedback and evaluation of Actionwork's work: Evaluation Report


The Anti Bullying Works

  • Anti-Bullying Workshops

    Interactive Anti-Bullying Workshops creatively exploring the issues.

    Actionwork® is the leading provider of anti-bullying workshops in the UK.

  • Teacher Training INSET sessions

    Anti-Bullying INSET for teachers and youth workers.

    Anti Bullying INSET. Leading on creativity, empowerment and education.

  • Warrington

    Actionwork® tours creative Anti Bullying Workshops all over Warrington

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We tour all over Warrington

We tour to many other places in the area too. If your town or village is not listed please contact us on 01934 815163 to check when we are available to visit you. We look forward to your call. You can also visit our Contact page for a list of email addresses.

Actionwork® tours all over the UK. Specialist creative workshops, anti-bullying workshops, INSET, training for anti-bullying week, programmes for anti-bullying month and other specialist anti-bullying programmes througout the year. Creative Anti Bullying training works, is fun and educational.

Actionwork® is a member of the Anti-Bullying Alliance and has undertaken research and made films for the Anti-Bullying Alliance. In addition Actionwork® has made anti-bullying films for the Department of Education and many schools around the country. Actionwork® is the leading theatre-in-education and social theatre provider for dealing with issues of bullying in the UK. In addition Actionwork® is the winner of the Anti Bullying Flame Award.

Our action based creative anti-bullying workshops demonstrate that anti-bullying works when action is taken. The Actionwork® method of dealing with bullying is about creative action. It is about doing as opposed to thinking about, listening to or being told to do something, and allowing people to see ideas in action, performing topics from many different angles and expressing them in many different ways. Creative action allows us to share, to guide, and experience, in real time and unreal time, in safety and in partnership. We can see ourselves here and imagine ourselves there; we can see ourselves in others and imagine how they see us. Creative action methods are flexible and can be used with all kinds of groups and with all kinds of abilities including different age groups and mixed ability groups.

Anti Bullying Roadshow

The Anti-Bullying Roadshow links in with the theme for anti-bullying week and is playful, positive and powerful. It is an excellent educational programme full of surprises; fun, energised, creative, educational and includes music, song, dance, performance, interactivity, a competition, anti-bullying strategies, cyberbullying, e-safety and a whole lot more. The Roadshow lasts an hour and can be performed to large groups if required (eg a whole year group at a time). Details about the roadshow can be found here. Schools can have a maximum of four roadshows in a day. We have two versions of the roadshow, one for primary schools and one for secondary schools and colleges. We also have an anti-bullying puppet show for reception and year one classes.

Actionwork® Free Anti Bullying Resources

Defining bullying: Find Definitions of Bullying Here
Cyberbullying and bullying and special needs: Free handbook download
Free resources on the Anti Bullying Week site: Anti-Bullying Week
Bullying and the law: Details can be found here
Resources from Childnet International
NSPCC study on sexting can be found here
OFSTED guidance for schools can be found here
A guide to youth participation

Quotes on Creativity

Creative Practitioners:

Leading creative practitioners such as Richard Schechner, Augusto Boal, Paulo Freire, Steven Reisner, Sue Jennings, Ken Robinson and many others discuss how theatre and creativity can transform problematic human interactions into positive, connected and empowering experiences.

Quote by Augusto Boal:

Theatre is the capacity possessed by humans to observe themselves in action, of seeing themselves in the act of seeing, of thinking their emotions and of being moved by their thoughts. They can see themselves here and imagine themselves there; they can see themselves today and imagine themselves tomorrow.

Patricia Sternberg

Dealing creatively with bullying

Remember that it is not conflict that presents problems, but how we deal with conflicts that is important.

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