Working for Actionwork®

Actionwork® and Actionwork Worldwide Ltd have employed people from all over the UK, Japan, Phillipines, Malaysia, Haiti, Nigeria, India, Australia, USA, Saudi Arabia, and other parts of the world. If you would like to come and work for us, check out what Rebecca Brynolf got out of working with Actionwork® below:

"I think the thing that I like most about working for Actionwork is the fact that I rarely do the same thing two days in a row. This week alone I’ve edited a film, written for our magazine, run a virtual meeting in Second Life and travelled to London to deliver anti bullying workshops. This time last year I was writing one play, stage managing another, and learning how to be a puppeteer. I like that it’s a job that keeps me on my toes and gives me lots of different creative outlets.

When I first started working for Actionwork I was acting and facilitating workshops, but since then I’ve been able to use my teaching degree more and more throughout the course of the job. Because we’re keen to see more anti-bullying training for teachers we do a lot of teacher training session and I’ve had a hand in creating resource packs full of activities and ideas that teachers can use with children and young people. I’ve particularly had a lot of fun when it comes to writing articles for Actionwork’s magazine, Mpower, and helping write our most recent play, ‘Cyberscream’, a really successful TIE production we toured with that focuses on cyber bullying.

We often bring a lot of highly creative and motivated people to the company to work with us short term on various projects, whether it’s a play, a film, a series of workshops, or our annual festival work at Glastonbury. If you work for Actionwork, you can expect everything you hadn’t expected, if that makes any sense whatsoever. From the locations, to the people, to the process, right down to the company vehicle, everything about being part of an Actionwork project is not what you’d expect. You can expect to have fun and to have all of your hidden talents come to the surface. You can expect to get excited and stressed out and feel out of your depth and then suddenly right in your depth. You can expect to have a close-knit family for the duration of your time with Actionwork, with lots of support and encouragement. You can definitely expect to finish the project with balls of steel, a little certainty I discovered after having to sing in front of a room full of 18-year-old plumbers, carpenters and electricians. It’s been very difficult to intimidate me ever since!"


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