Play In A Day / Play in a Week

Our play in a day creative workshops can be used to learn about subjects, issues or topics, help with transitions, promote inclusion and help with revision.

The play or showing that is performed at the end of the day by your students is usually a 5-10 minute group piece using a variety of theatre techniques such as song, speech, stylised movement, dance, imagery and mime.

Parents, class mates, teachers and other student members are encouraged to watch the final piece at the end of the day.

Benefits of a play in a day include confidence building, teamwork, enhancing voice, performance and public speaking skills, introduces theatre and drama skills, improves concentration, gives a sense of achievement and empowerment and teaches students about specific topics, subjects and issues.

Some subjects to choose from:
National Curriculum
Bullying Victorians Classical and Greek
Racism Romans Shakespeare
Sexism Tudors Chinese
Homophobia Ancient Egypt Malay and Indonesian
Smoking Celts and Vikings Japanese
Substance Abuse Saxons Contemporary
Peer pressure Literature Musical
Relationships Cultural diversity Ritual
Environment Real and imagined places Of the oppressed
Waste ICT and creativity Indian
Rainforest Science and chemistry Puppetry
Conflict Resolution Citizenship Invisible


  • Format for the day
  • 09:00 Introductions
  • 09:10 Warm-up
  • 09:30-14:45 Devising and rehearsal throughout the day (break and lunch as normal)
  • 15:00 Performance

Please note that these sessions are designed for up to 30 students at a time and can be run for any age group. We require a hall or similar space to work and perform in. You should invite whoever you want to watch the final showing.

Play in a week

For our play in a week workshops please see this page

Booking a play in a day

Please contact us for details or go direct to our booking page.


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