Play In A Week / Play in a Day

Work alongside a professional director and create your very own play at your school! Explore devising techniques, develop your performance skills and work as an ensemble to create a performance for an invited audience.

This package involves an intense week of rehearsals, workshops and focus groups to produce an informed, informative and empowering piece of theatre. While the vast majority of the work will take place during show week, Monday to Friday, there will be an additional two school days allocated throughout the week (please see our working week example below which explains this in greater detail). The piece of theatre produced will focus on an issue and whilst we will be putting a show together; there will also be moments of education surrounding the chosen topic. These topics include but are not limited to: Bullying, Mental Health, Sexuality, Teenage Pregnancy, Race and Class and Consequences.

Play in a Day

For our play in a day workshops please see this page

Booking a play in a week

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