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We all think we know the basic requirements to maintain basic physical health such as eating well, regular exercise, drink plenty of water and no smoking, but when it comes down to our mental health there is often a lot of stigma, misunderstanding and confusion. A person's mental health is not easy to spot like a physical symptom such as a broken arm. One in four people suffer from a mental illness and yet most of us wait for symptoms to arise before giving our mental health any consideration.

PSHE, including mental health education are often delivered in isolation rather than as a whole school approach, or by making it a part of day to day school life and teaching. This roadshow explores what we can do as young people, teachers and schools as a whole in helping people recognise and deal with mental health conditions. We include the importance of physical well being along with dealing with possible addictions including online addictions that can have serious effects on how we feel. Learning empathy and dealing with stigma and innappropriate language are aslo covered, as is open dialogue and communication.

The Roadshow lasts for 60-minutes and can be performed to a whole year group at a time.

The Roadshow can be complemented by additional creative interactive workshops - please ask for details.


We will be touring roadshows for:
1) Secondary schools, colleges and adults
2) Middle and top end of Primary schools

The Roadshow is now open for booking. Book our visit by going to our booking page.


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