Stress, Tests and Moving Forward

Book the Award Winning Programme that helps your students deal with the stress of exams and tests.

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With each roadshow booking you get a complimentary lesson plan to help follow-up the work.

The Anti Exam Stress Roadshow is touring the UK and abroad during March and April.


The Roadshow complements school's existing framework for helping students deal with the stress of exams.

New this year, an engaging, insightful look at the world of exam stress and the young people who are having to deal with it (many for the first time). Actionwork® takes a comprehensive look at the effects of exam related stress and through a mixture, of role play, audience interaction and work-shopping works to pick apart the elephant in the room that taunts would-be exam takers. This show will not only focus on the physical and psychological impacts of stress but also on how to deal with it when or if it strikes. We include tips and tricks to keep you calm before an exam and also how to deal with your results if they weren’t what you were expecting.

  • This programme includes information on:
  • - Relaxation
  • - Secret strategies
  • - Diet
  • - Sleep
  • - Exercise
  • - Handling pressure
  • - Perspectives
  • - Mindfulness
  • - Comedy
  • - Managing expectation
  • - Difference between pressure and stress
  • - Changing the way you think changes the chemicals in your body
  • - Managing your triggers
  • - How to spot if you're stressed
  • and many other ideas


The Roadshow lasts for 60-minutes and can be performed to a whole year group at a time.

The Roasdshow can be complemented by additional creative interactive in-depth workshops - please ask for details.

Every year Actionwork® produces Roadshows. These tour to schools, youth clubs, colleges, universities and parent groups all over the UK and abroad.


We will be touring 3 roadshows:
1) Exam Stress Roadshow for Secondary schools, colleges and adults
2) Exam Stress Roadshow for lower end of Primary schools (years 3 and 4)
3) Exam and Test Stress Roadshow for upper end of Primary schools (years 5 and 6)

The Roadshow is now open for booking. Book our visit by going to our booking page.


The Actionwork Roadshows are high impact productions that are positive, fun and engaging. They are suitable for main stream and special schools. Each year we have primary and secondary school versions. The Anti Exam Stress Roadshow provides assistance at an important time just before or during exam timetablig and provides that 'WOW' factor to students and teachers alike complimenting existing anti-bullying work in schools, colleges and community centres.

Actionwork's roadshows have attracted widespread acclaim during recent tours, from audiences, host venues and the media alike.

  • The Roadshow can be performed four times in one day
  • The Roadshow can be performed to a whole year group at a time
  • The Roadshow raises key questions within the issues
  • The Roadshows are highly entertaining, as well as being powerful, evocative and engaging

The Roadshow is now open for booking. Book our visit by going to our booking page.


Feedback on Actionwork's Roadshows

Please note that we have been succesfully touring workshops, shows and roadshows throughout the UK and abroad for many years now. In the UK we have toured to London and the south-east, Bristol, Devon and the south-west, Birmingham, Coventry, Nottingham and the midlands, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, York, Warrington and many other parts of the North, Glasgow and Scotland, Cardiff, Swansea and Wales, Isle of man, Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset, and all over the UK.

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Here is a selection of comments from teachers and students:


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