Actionwork's Creative Arts Tours

Actionwork® Creative Arts Spring/Summer Schools Tour.

Actionwork® are touring schools during May-July with their creative empowerment workshops that includes dealing with the topics of bullying, racism and sexism.

This award-winning creative workshop programme compliments strategies that schools already have in place. Each workshop lasts an hour and are high energy, interactive, fun, educational and empowering. The workshops have been described as the ultimate theatre-in-education experience and have toured all over the UK. The aim is to empower students with skills and knowledge while backing up each individual schools current good working practice.

If you book 4 of our small workshops in a day you can have them for as little as £220 each.

Sizes of groups: Our workshops can be performed to whole year groups or multiple year groups at a time. There is no limit to the size of your audience, you just need to ensure that your hall is large enough to accommodate the size of group/s you want us to work with.

As part of each package you get all of the following included:

  • - Your anti-bullying (or racism/sexism) workshops
  • - free competitions for the students
  • - 5 large anti bullying posters (A3) to display around the schoool
  • - Dealing with Bullying Lesson Plan
  • - Dealing Racism Lesson Plan
  • - Dealing with Sexism Lesson Plan
  • - E-saeft Lesson Plan
  • - Anti Bullying Support for a year after our visit

Actionwork is a member of the Anti Bullying Alliance, the Society for Interculural Education and Reserach and winner of the International Anti Bullying Flame Award. We have over 20-years experience of working creatively in schools.

Please see here for feedback and evaluation of Actionwork's work: Actionwork Evaluation

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