Sexual Harassment Workshops

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The Actionwork® Sexual Harassment Workshops are available all year round.

With each workshop booking you get a lesson plan to help consolidate what we have learned in the session.

In a society that has paved the way towards a world where #TimesUp and #MeToo have not only become commonplace but actually had a place to be a focal point, there has never been a more poignant time to break social taboos and have that conversation: What is sexual harassment?

The stage has been set and during this collection of workshops, we will be exploring what sexual harassment is, and what it isn’t and how to report it. Aimed at men, women, boys and girls this workshop aims to recognize that anyone can experience sexual harassment and that everyone has the responsibility to do something about it. Education is a key factor when addressing this topic and with all of the coverage and support circulating at the moment, we feel strongly about highlighting this issue that affects all genders.

The workshops last for 60-90 minutes and can be delivered to a whole year group at a time.

We have workshops for:
1) Secondary schools, colleges and adults
2) Primary schools

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