Creative Empowerment Workshops

The Actionwork® ethos is all about empowerment. Empowering ourselves to help ourselves. Helping others to empower themselves. These amazing workshops will change your life in a positive way, helping you to feel happier, healthier, hopeful, harmonious and honest.

These creative workshops help build our confidence and develop a positive outlook on ourselves and are available for adults and young people. Thought provoking and intercative activities that focus on locating and harnessing empowerment from within. We ask you to take a leap, a leap of action finding ways to embody and project empowerment.

Sessions are fun, energised and practical and include training in:

  • Self image
  • Body language
  • Eye contact
  • Assertiveness
  • Rights awareness
  • Voice control
  • Presenting ourselves

Sessions usually last from 2-4 hours in one day. Longer and more in-depth sessions and residencies may be booked if required.

Booking an empowerment workshop

Our empowerment workshops are generally available throughout the year.

Please contact us for details of costs and availability or go direct to our booking page.

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