Based upon Actionwork's international award winning hit show Silent Scream, we were proud to present to you the anti-bullying roadshow 'CLASH!'. Clash succesfully toured to schools and colleges all over the UK and Sweden in 2008. Clash! was written by Andy Hickson.

CLASH!’ is a high impact production tackling bullying and victimisation. This shows provides an important focus, for schools' anti-bullying campaigns. CLASH! allows schools to make a strong statement of non-tolerance towards bullying, while giving their students the chance to explore the issues, and the importance of their own role in combating it. CLASH!'s dual goal is awareness-raising and empowerment.

Norwich Playhouse

We held 4 special showcase productions of Clash! at the Norwich Playhouse on the 17th and 18th November 2008.

These productions were open to all Norwich school students and staff and to members of the general public to book.

Booking Clash!

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