Dr Andy Hickson

Dr Andy Hickson is founder and Director of Actionwork, Director of Drive For Peace and Editor of Mpower You magazine. Andy specialises in using creative activites to deal with issues of bullying, peace and violence in schools, with young people, with disadvantaged and vulnerable groups in the UK and abroad. Andy's new book 'How to stop bullying' is currently available from Speechmark.

  • Education:
  • PhD in Education, University of Exeter 2010
  • PGDE, University of Exeter 2008
  • MA in Social Anthropology, University of London (SOAS) 1997
  • Diploma in Policy Studies, International Co-operative College, (Loughborough) 1994

Andy has recieved theatre training at the Rose Bruford College of Speech and Drama, Royal Court Theatre with Max Stafford Clark, and in the Theatre of the Oppressed with Augusto Boal.

Andy has been a visiting lecturer at University of Exeter 2008/9, University of Sussex 2008, Empowerment Kansai Japan 2004-2007, International Dawn Center for Women 2003, Kyoto University 2001, British Council 2001, International Christian University Tokyo 2001, School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) 1998, London Medical College 1992, Institute of Dramatherapy 1992,

  • Films Directed and produced:
  • Social Cohesion, Actionwork 2010
  • Anti-Bullying Spies, Actionwork 2009
  • Ban Da Bully, Actionwork 2008
  • Teenage Binge Drinking, Actionwork 2008
  • One World, Actionwork 2007
  • Changes, Actionwork 2007
  • The Hideout, Actionwork 2006
  • Will or Reason, Actionwork 2006
  • Making the Difference, DfES 2005
  • ABA Promo, Anti-Bullying Alliance 2004
  • What We Want, Actionwork 2003
  • Jack in the Box, Actionwork 2002
  • Tackling Bullying, Actionwork 2002
  • Embodiment-Projection-Role (EPR), Rowan Studio 2001
  • 1000 Voices, Tie Tours 2000
  • Violence in Camden, Tie Tours 1997
  • A Taste of Tie, Tie Tours 1999

  • Shows Directed:
  • Cyber Scream, Actionwork 2009/10
  • 33 Skins, Actionwork 2009
  • Clash!, Actionwork 2008
  • Silent Scream, Actionwork 2003-2007
  • Angel High, Tie Tours 2002
  • Two Becomes One, Tie Tours Actionwork 2001
  • 33 Skins, Tie Tours 1999
  • Silent Scream Showshop, Tie Tours 1999
  • Race, Tie Tours 1998
  • Silent Scream Two, Tie Tours 1998
  • Kick Racism Out Of Football (KROOF), Tie Tours 1997
  • Silent Scream, Tie Tours 1993 - 1996
  • Jacques and His Master, Hey Hey Theatre Co Ltd 1992

Media appearances have included interviews on CNN, BBC local and national radio 2000-2010. Contributor to documentary about bullying, BBC World Service 1999. Contributor to series on Violence, L!VE TV 1998. Contributor to anti-violence documentary, MBC Television 1997. Reader in Culture Shock, BBC World Service 1977. Reader in "The Temiar" Radio Malaysia 1976.

Helped pioneer several online international virtual learning platforms including the aVaTar@School project (2007/8), the Anti Violence Campus in Second Life (2009/10/11) and the Anti-Bullying Village in Open Sim (2011/12).

Performed plays include (written and co-written): Silent Scream, Disadvantage*, 33 Skins*, Race!*, Breakthrough*, Angel High*, Two Becomes One (2b1)***, Silent Scream Two, Clash! and Cyber Scream**

  • * Co-writer Glenn Dallas
  • ** Co-writer Rebecca Brynolf
  • *** Co-writer Kyoko McRae

  • Published books and papers:
  • - Hickson, A. (1995) Creative action methods in groupwork. Bicester, UK: Speechmark (translated into Japanese, Czech, Hebrew and Polish
  • - Hickson, A. (1995) Excite, baffle and aggrieve. Contemporary theatre review: an international journal. Franc Chamberlain (ed) Vol 3 (1) pp 101-107
  • - Hickson, A. 1997. Punan. [online] England: Actionwork. Available from: http://www.temiar.com/punan.html
  • - Hickson, A. (1997) The groupwork manual. Bicester, UK: Speechmark
  • - Hickson, A. (2002) Pause for thought: action or stillness with young people. In: Communicating with children and adolescents: Action for change. Bannister, A. & Huntington, A. (eds) London, UK: Jessica Kingsley. Ch. 3.
  • - Hickson, A. (2009) Social theatre and action. In: Jennings, S. (ed). London, UK: Chopin Press. Dramatherapy and social theatre: similarities and differences. Ch. 11
  • - Hickson, A. (2010) Can young people develop and deliver effective creative anti-bullying strategies?. [online] PhD thesis. Available from: https://eric.exeter.ac.uk/repository/handle/10036/97886
  • - Hickson, A. (2011) How to stop bullying. Speechmark: Milton Kenyes

Additional experience includes: Produced the UK’s first national anti-bullying conference for young people and the world’s first international anti-bullying festival. Extensive travel and expedition experience.

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