Professor Dr Andy Hickson PhD

Dr Andy has a broad education that includes a PhD in Education, a Masters (MA) in Social Anthropology, a Diploma in Neuro Dramatic Play and a Diploma in Policy Studies. He is a theatre director, Social Theatre pioneer, actor, creative arts practitioner, counsellor and therapist. He was also Professor and Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Communication at HELP University in Malaysia and CEO of Actionwork Worldwide (UK). In addition he has spent many years working and living in the jungle of Malaysia.

He is also a published author, playwright, academic assessor and researcher. Dr Andy was awarded the International FLAME Award in 2013 for his contribution to helping people all over the UK and abroad in dealing with bullying.

As a Social Theatre Director he has have worked with a wide variety of people including those within the criminal justice system, mental health institutions, local authority care, special schools and mainstream education.  

Dr Andy's publications include:

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Japanese version of Dr Andy's boom Creative Action Method in GroupworkHow to stop bullying book by Dr Andy HicksonCreative Action Methods in Groupwork book by Dr Andy HicksonPolish version of Creative Action Methos in Groupwork by Dr Andy Hickson


Andy has received theatre training at the Rose Bruford College of Speech and Drama, Royal Court Theatre with Max Stafford Clark, and in the Theatre of the Oppressed with Augusto Boal (Andy was in the first cohort of students to attend Theatre-of-the-Oppressed training with Augusto Boal when he worked in conjunction with the London Bubble Theatre.)

Film Directing credits incude:

Social Theatre, Actionwork® 2022; Neuro Dramatic Play in the Jungle, Actionwork® 2017; Frontline (series), Actionwork® 2016; Cyber Tears, Actionwork® 2016; Charlie goes to Mongolia, Actionwork® 2015, Social Cohesion, Actionwork® 2010; Anti-Bullying Spies, Actionwork® 2009; Ban Da Bully, Actionwork® 2008; Teenage Binge Drinking, Actionwork® 2008; One World, Actionwork® 2007; Changes, Actionwork® 2007; The Hideout, Actionwork® 2006; Will or Reason, Actionwork® 2006; Making the Difference, DfES 2005; ABA Promo, Anti-Bullying Alliance 2004; What We Want, Actionwork® 2003; Jack in the Box, Actionwork® 2002; Tackling Bullying, Actionwork® 2002; Embodiment-Projection-Role (EPR); Rowan Studio 2001; 1000 Voices, Tie Tours 2000; Violence in Camden, Tie Tours 1997; A Taste of Tie, Tie Tours 1999.

Theatre Directing credits incude:

Tajou Relai, Actionwork® 2022; Silent Scream, Actionwork® 2018; All different all equal, Actionwork® 2017; Power for Good, Actionwork® 2016; Make a noise about bullying, Actionwork® 2015; Let's stop bullying for all, Actionwork® 2014; Safe, Fun and Connected, Actionwork® 2013; We're better without bullying, Actionwork® 2012; Stop, Think; words can hurt, Actionwork® 2011; Taking Action, Actionwork® 2011; Cyber Scream, Actionwork® 2009/10; 33 Skins, Actionwork® 2009; Clash! Actionwork® 2008; Silent Scream, Actionwork® 2003-2007; Angel High, Tie Tours 2002; Two Becomes One, Tie Tours Actionwork® 2001; 33 Skins, Tie Tours 1999; Silent Scream Showshop, Tie Tours 1999; Race, Tie Tours 1998; Silent Scream Two, Tie Tours 1998; Kick Racism Out Of Football (KROOF), Tie Tours 1997; Silent Scream, Tie Tours 1993 - 1996; Jacques and His Master, Hey Hey Theatre Co Ltd 1992.

Media appearances have included BBC World Service, BBC Radio's 1 and 5, CNN, L!VE TV, MBC Television and Radio Malaysia.

Dr Andy contributed on several EU funded unique online international virtual learning platforms including the aVaTar@School project (2007/8), the Anti Violence Campus in Second Life (2009/10/11) and the Anti-Bullying Village in Open Sim (2011/12).

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